Hot wedding night story

She was in red saree with gold embroidery. Wearing lots of jewelry – bangles, necklace, earrings, and so on. We had been engaged since over 6 months now, and during this period we had seen each other quiet a lot.

We had been moving around like love birds in the lovely city of Pune. We had been to every place right from Pizza hut, Smoking Joes to Garden Court, to Sinhagad fort. Pune does really offer a lot of variety to love birds like us.

At every meeting of ours, we would find some way or the other to get naughty. Our lips had met many a times, but no sex. That was our unsaid agreement. We had been waiting for this night all these long days and sleepless nights.

Finally our marriage was over with all the fun and frolic like we Indians are known to have. After a lot of masti from cousins, who did not want to leave us alone, we were finally left for each other. It had been a long and hard working day.

Lots of ceremonies, lots of sweets, lots of dance, lots of blessings, everything was in its best. Though tired, we did not want to miss the ecstasy of being in each others arms. The moment I entered my room to find shy Indian bride,

I was stunned how beautiful she looked in that red saree. I stood by the door and was admiring her beauty, just then a voice came – Vishal, stupid, what are you staring at? I am dying to get out of all this, come fast, help me or I will soon be unconscious.

That’s typically Rhea, my wife. I closed the door, and smiling, I moved close to her. To tease her, I purposely went very slow and acted as I was very tired. When she saw that tired expression on my face, she gently pushed me on the bed

and mounted on me with all her heavy attire. I said, Rhea you are not feather weight sweetheart, you feel like weighing a ton (Tough she must have been just around 50Kg.. hehehe). She replied – and you have just committed yourself to carry this ton around for your entire life.

Which I said, is now going to be shorter than expected. We both laughed and she finally fell into my arms. For a moment, we looked into each others eyes and then slowly our lips met. Our eyes closed automatically while we spent more than 10 min,

just feeling the love flow through tongue and lips. Then I helped her remove all her jewelry and get lighter. I knew, she must be very tired and her body needed some way to relax and gain back her composure. So I slowly untied her saree and kept is aside.

I asked her to lie of her back and close her eyes, while I gently massaged her body. This way I could also get her ready for our first experience in making love. My fingers started to feel her sexy soft fair body. Starting from arms to shoulders.

Then moved to her legs, to feet. Slowly I moved to her soft white thighs. My my, touching them was a heavenly experience. Slowly her legs opened wide. I moved to stomach and periphery of her boobs. She was still wearing her blouse.

I ask her to turn over and give me her back. I again massaged her legs, arms and back. I started to kiss her too.. inch after inch… neck, back, ears, legs, arms……. Finally to her sexy soft ass. I pushed down the petticoat and put my hand in her panty to massage her sexy soft butt.

She started moaning. I could feel her temperature rising. I guess, she was already wet. My cock was hard too. But the night was long, so I did not want it to be over so soon. I lied beside her, and took her in my arms. We kept on kissing and caressing each other.

We then spoke to each other about our feeling, love, desire…. And how much we wanted to be in each others arms forever. She took my hand and kissed every finger. Then she moved my hand to her soft and beautiful boobs.

I massaged them for a while and then moved to open the hooks. She was wearing red bra under her blouse. I put my lips on her boobs and kissed every inch. Then slowly opened her bra and pushed it up to reveal the most sensuous, juicy,

hot boobs I could have ever imagined in my life. I could bet, any other guy would have ejaculated with the excitement of sucking those heavenly tits. While I was sucking her nipple, my hand moved to her panty and started massaging her pussy from over her panty.

Her legs parted again and I could feel how wet her panty had become. I pushed down her panty to find her sexy pussy covered in lovely bushes, all natural. I loved the feel of it. My hand found the way to her pussy lips and started massaging her.

After few minutes of pussy massage and nipples sucking she had her first orgasm of the night. I could feel the volcano erupting in her body. It lasted for few seconds and she held my tightly all through it. I held her close to my heart and said – I love you.

Then I moved to get her some water. She said, she wanted to have some tea to get ready for our second round. Now again, that was typical Rhea. I said, ok. Sneaked into kitchen and prepared her tea. She waited on bed. We sat together had tea and kept smiling and talking.

Finally we were fresh and ready for round 2. This time, I was on the bed and she gave me a nice sexy massage. She used her fingers, feet, boobs, ass, pussy every part of her body to massage me. It was simply mind blowing. My cock was all erect, all the time.

Finally she rubbed her pussy on my cock and slowly slid it in her cunt. Wow, what a feeling. Beyond imagination, and beyond expression. She let me move in slowly and kept on a very nice rhythm. It was not too long before I had my first orgasm in her sexy pussy.

She also has an orgasm when she felt my sperms fill her cunt. We lied in that position for sometime and did not come to know, when we fell asleep. We woke up next day, all naked, in each others arm. I am sure, reader much have had such lovely wedding nights too, and please do share with us.

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